Guide to Producing Garments in Vietnam

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After reading my book you will know if you are ready for apparel production in Vietnam.

I prepare you to answer 16 questions Vietnamese factory owners will ask.

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Other Great Books for Fashion Start Ups

Fashion for Profit by Frances Harder

Frances teaches you practical knowledge
I read Fashion for Profit and blogged about it.

Fashion for Profit reads like a text book and has a LOT of practical forms, figures and tips based on Frances's first hand experience of starting a fashion brand and then failing because she was not prepared for the business side of fashion.

Frances is the founder of Fashion Business Incorporated in Los Angeles California where she and her team host webinars, conferences, training sessions and fashion shows dedicated to guiding fashion start-ups.

Unlabel by Marc Ecko

A must read for fashion start ups
Marc is rich and famous but more importantly he is a real artists that busted his ass to make it. His book reads like a novel. I couldn't put it down. The emotion expressed in the ups and downs of building his brand have made everlasting impressions in my mind. He tells the story of how his marketing team saved money by making controversial videos that went viral and shunning expensive boothes at trade shows and taking orders out of their hotel room. Risky but genius. This books is a must read for fashion start ups.

Brand Simple by Allen Adamson

I recommend Brand Simple by Allen Adamson
This book changed my life. The book convinced me that a fashion start up needs a branding plan first and foremost. I think every young fashion designer should read this book because it basically explains why and how we are unique. You see, I believe that each one of us is a brand and during our adolescence and early adult hood we go through a branding process. We just don't realize it. When we choose our friends we are choosing our target customers. When we choose the clothes we buy and hone our manner of speaking and moving, we are differentiating ourselves from other kids - competing brands. The clubs we join, the sports we play, the music we listen to and the food we eat are, our, unique selling points. Every time a guy asks a girl out on a date he is selling his brand. This book focuses us on selling our fashion brand. Brand Simple simplifies branding concepts and introduces complimentary concepts like 'customer journey.'
“It takes a long time to build a brand and a long time to kill one, so it pays to know what you're doing. If someone asked me for one book to read on brands--what they are and how to build them, I'd direct him or her to BrandSimple. Allen Adamson has captured basic and enduring brand concepts, explained them lucidly, and demonstrated their validity with lots of relevant case histories. The book lives up to its title.” ―Kenneth Roman, Former Chairman/CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide