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Services I Offer

My main goal is to get you dialed into Vietnam manufacturing.

If you are a start-up then I teach you Vietnam specific manufacturing knowledge and introduce you to great resources like tech pack freelancers and in-depth online courses. My passion is helping you think through your business plan and get production done in Vietnam.

If you are an established business then I can quickly connect you to factories or professionals like lawyers, accountants, QC inspectors etc.

After living here for 12 years, working in factories and learning Vietnamese I am confident that whatever problem you are facing, I can offer a solution.
Silk Fabric Sourcing Agents in Vietnam

Consulting Service

Apparel Production Advise
I listen to your needs and suggest solutions. I explain production issues related to Vietnam like meeting minimum order quantities, getting samples made, negotiating price and arranging shipments. I can provide guidance to improve quality, increase productivity and meet social and environmental compliance for the factories you work with. I can also give business and legal advice for setting up a factory or office in Vietnam. I advise you how to produce a clothing line in Vietnam.

Read -> Learn -> Then contact the factory.

I wrote these books during my first few years (@ 2008) working in the Vietnam garment industry. I write about basic knowledge and insider tips that I learned - to share with you.

If you are just starting out and need a jump start then I recommend you read my books before contacting factories.

For example, it is critical to know basic things like what is the difference between woven and knit fabric; what is different about viscose, rayon, tencel, modal and hemp; and what is the Acceptable Quality Level system?

Is $19.37 too much? See Amazon reviews below.

Sewing Factories Introductions by Email

Factory Introductions by Email
  1. I note your product details
  2. I note your factory requirements
  3. I confirm three factories that meet your needs
  4. I introduce you directly to the factories
  5. I stand by to help you in case there are any communication problems


Garment Factory Visits

Factory Visits
I can take you there. I arrange meeting times, transportation and accommodation. I choose the quickest routes to visit 3-4 factories in a day. When we arrive, you will work directly with the factories. I speak Vietnamese and will help with translation if needed. I suggest how to produce a clothing line in Vietnam and take you there.


Tech Packs, Sample Creation and Price Quotes

Tech Pack and Sample Service
I listen to your needs and suggest solutions. I explain production issues related to Vietnam like meeting minimum order quantities, getting samples made, negotiating price and arranging shipments. I can provide guidance to improve quality, increase productivity and meet social and environmental compliance for the factories you work with. I can also give business and legal advice for setting up a factory or office in Vietnam. I advise you how to produce a clothing line in Vietnam.


Quality Control

I provide quality control services that include pre-production meetings, inline inspections and final inspections. How to work with clothing manufacturers overseas includes successful quality control.


Fashion Start-Up Business Planning

Write Business Plan Live Plan
I have worksheets that have a series of questions that I ask you. I am happy to discuss whatever you want. Below is the list of topics to choose from. When you know how to produce a clothing line in Vietnam and are ready to write down your business plan and financial projections I recommend using Live Plan which will guide you through a series of logical questions to develop a solid business plan.


Fabric Development

Apparel Production Advise
Do you need help developing your fabric here in Vietnam? Our team can develop your fabric for approximately $500 - $600. We will make 20 kg of fabric which is approximately 70 meters.

Cost Breakdown
$250 Management Fee
$100 Testing Fee (Optional)
~$250 Cost of fabric (Varies). Fabric price will vary depending on the yarn you choose. See yarn pricing below.
Generic Yarn Prices (Prices vary weekly)
Standard Cotton $US XX/kg
Recycled Cotton $US XX/kg
Standard Polyester $US XX/kg
Recycled Polyester $US XX/kg
Bamboo Yarn $US XX/kg

Service includes:
Consulting — Consulting with an expert fabric technician consists of 2 x 30 minutes in our showroom, on Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom. We will understand your needs, give you our advice and answer your questions.
Knitting or Weaving
Lab testing — We will send fabric to SGS or Intertek lab to test the fabric to ensure that the standards you need are met. We will give you the report. Cost is around $100.

Bulk Order Discount
If you place a bulk order with us and the value of the order is more than $US 20,000usd within one year then we will credit your bulk order purchase with $250.

Terms and Conditions
The service includes one round of changes for free. Each additional change you request will cost an additional $200

The fabric will be dyed according to the Pantone color you choose.

Any overseas shipping costs will be paid by you. We pay for domestic shipping.

What we need to get started:
Fiber specifications
Yarn specifications
Knitting or weaving structure

We will explain all the options and help you choose.

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Learn how to produce in Vietnam
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Get expert insight from Chris

Contact Chris

Apparel Consultant in Vietnam
Please give me details about your background and manufacturing objectives.

1. Which styles do you want to manufacture first?
2. Do you have tech packs?
3. Do you have any special factory requirements?
4. Have you produced before? If yes, then in what country?
5. What quantity per style per color do you order?
6. Does your company have a website?
7. Do you want to work with an agent or directly with the factory?
8. Do you plan to visit Vietnam?
Vietnam Manufacturing Micro Community

What are the biggest challenges that Vietnamese marketing staff face when trying to find new export customers?

Imagine a factory in Vietnam with 500 workers that produces 200,000 products per month and they are struggling to find new customers. Their solution is to hire Vietnamese marketing staff to find foreign customers. What are the biggest challenges they will face when trying to find new export customers?

My friends and I talk about this a lot and work together to connect buyers with factories.
Marketing Training in Vietnam

Marketing Challenges Vietnamese Factories Face

  • The target customer is not clearly defined
  • The customer needs a certified factory
  • The factory's branding message is not clear
  • The customer is afraid to work in Vietnam because of Vietnam's past
  • There is no free trade agreement that helps the customer get a lower price
  • The factory is using the wrong marketing channel to find their customer
  • The raw materials that the customer needs, are not available in Vietnam
  • The factory's service or product is not clear
  • Their marketing campaigns are not targeting the right customer
  • Communication with the customer breaks down due to language and culture

I recommend using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network in the world with 610+ million users in more than 200 countries. Your target customer is there!

Vietnamese marketing staff working for export factories face three main challenges. The first is marketing in the wrong channels. For example, marketing on Facebook is not the right place to find export customers. The second challenge is that they can not easily get the customer's email or phone number. For example, they want to produce for Nike and they know the name of the person at Nike but they don't have their email or phone number. The third reason is that even when they do have the email or phone number, they don't know how to communicate well to explain their factory strength and listen to the customers needs. Their English level is not advanced enough to listen to the customers' concerns and convince the customer to place an order.

For the last 8 years I have been finding new customers for Thai Son sewing factory using LinkedIn and now I'd like to teach you how to do it.

If I knew the best marketing channel to find your customers
If I knew how to get their email and phone number
If I could train your staff to communicate effectively in English to get new customers
Then would you be interested to hear about my LinkedIn marketing strategy?

It is not easy and there is daily work that needs to be done. Follow my instructions, remember what I teach you and spend at least one hour a day on LinkedIn and you will find new customers.

Vietnam Manufacturing Marketing Community

Why I started this marketing community in Vietnam

I have lived in Vietnam for 10 years and I have fallen in love with the country. I have seen it develop into a safe and business-friendly country with great food, friendly people, beautiful country-side and beaches and quality manufacturing with competitive pricing. I have worked closely with many Vietnamese manufacturers to find them new customers and discovered a method to help them find even more.

Join my community and I will teach you my marketing and sales technique for manufacturers - the western way. I teach a practical "action plan" to use LinkedIn to find new customers. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with more than 610 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. If you follow my strategy and spend one hour a day on LinkedIn I promise that you will find at least 2 new customers per year for your factory.

Join my Vietnam manufacturing marketing community and grow your business. We will start in June 2019 and stop in January of 2020. The community is limited to 10 members.

GlobalSources Micro Marketing Community
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