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  • How to get clothing manufactured overseas I know how to get clothing manufactured overseas because I live in Vietnam and work with sewing factories. Let's chat.
    • Pattern Maker in Vietnam A freelance pattern maker in Vietnam is hard to find. When you work with a sewing factory you will have the chance to work closely with one if you are lucky.
    • How to Negotiate Garment Price in Vietnam How to negotiate garment price in Vietnam is a science and an art. Never give your target price because you don't want to leave money on the table. I can help you.
    • Garment Manufacturing Lead Time What is garment manufacturing lead time when producing apparel in Vietnam? Does it include shipping time? Vietnam is typically 60 to 120 days.
    • Best Garment Manufacturing Trade Shows in Vietnam I have been to the best garment manufacturing trade shows. Find out how what to expect and how to meet overseas apparel factories.
    • English Speaking Clothing Manufacturers in Saigon May I introduce you to English speaking clothing manufacturers in Saigon? Are you producing knit or woven style garments? Let's talk.
    • Best Vietnam Freight Forwarders Vietnam freight forwarders get your garments through customs, across oceans and to your warehouse. I can introduce you to my favourite logistics company in HCMC.
    • Garment Quality Control in Vietnam Garment quality control in Vietnam is either done in house, by a third party or both. Allow me to explain AQL and 4 point fabric inspection.
    • Garment Packing Options Garment packing options may seem trivial but they can cost you if you don't make the right choices. Allow me to explain.
    • Salesman Clothing Samples Free salesman clothing samples are a standard practice in Vietnam if you prove to the factory that you are serious about placing an order.
    • Buying Garment Accessories in Vietnam Are you buying garment accessories in Vietnam? Do you need helping working with your factory to get the right price/quality ratio?
    • Sourcing Fabric Trims in Vietnam Sourcing fabric trims in Vietnam starts by visiting three fabric markets in Saigon. The team I work with can take you there.
    • Garment Printing Primer I wrote a garment printing primer that explains the difference between water based and plastisol screen printing in Vietnam.
    • Shipping Documents to Import Clothes into Vietnam What shipping documents to import clothes into Vietnam are necessary? I explain basic terms like consignee that you should be aware of before meeting a freight forwarder.
  • Clothing Fabrics 101 Need help sourcing knit and woven textiles in Ho Chi Minh city? I can help you with clothing fabrics 101 in Vietnam.
  • Manufacture Clothing in Vietnam I recommend starting with 1,000 pieces per style per color to manufacture clothing in vietnam. Let's chat and I will explain why.
  • US Import Duty Rates Us import duty rates for garments into US from Vietnam are the same as China for now. Contact me to get the latest update on export duty rates.
  • Apparel Tech Pack Basics May I explain apparel tech pack basics for you? I am a marketing manager that works inside a garment factory in Vietnam. Spec sheets the key.
  • Sewing Suppliers in Vietnam Searching for sewing suppliers in Vietnam? I can introduce you and I promote a variety of garment related resources like VITAS, VINATEX and AGTEK.
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